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I worked with Cam for a number of years while at Wake Research Associates and he was the Head of Marketing my entire time I was at the company. Cam is a consummate professional and a great personality and co-worker to have in the office. His knowledge of SEO, targeted ads, digital marketing, social media marketing, paid ad buying knowledge, and organic ads paired with his natural ability to reach people and deliver an authentic message in a number of different areas for clinical research; general company awareness, recruitment of new patients for current studies, launching campaigns for new sites and/or sites Wake acquired, make him a fantastic choice for any organization.

Of the many meetings I had with clients Cam was always a valuable resource to help secure bringing in business by communicating to the client how we would be able to recruit the specific population required by I/E criteria for the study. I can recall multiple meetings where the client was wowed by his ability to reach and locate patients utilizing a variety of platforms from digital to print based on the area and specific indication of the study. Cam is very quantitatively focused able to analyze past performance of campaigns to constantly improve and further hone the most effective way to reach our target individuals. On more than one occasions clients would compliment Cam on his ability and wondered out loud why there in house marketing efforts were not on the same level of detail as his Marketing efforts.

I would strongly recommend Cam to any company looking for an experienced marketing professional to lead their team and be a positive change agent within your organization.

Ben Riedlinger, Pharm-Olam

I have worked with Cameron on a number of projects. He looks ahead on each project and anticipates way to deliver more than we asked for. He is an out-of-the-box thinker, and helps us go beyond what we asked for to deliver what we really NEEDED and didn’t know. He is amazing and very talented!

We contracted with Cameron Knowles to develop our social media campaign and assist in writing our email blasts. His efforts resulted in an immediate measurable increase in our business.

Since that initial relationship we now have Cam consulting on public relations and managing our web site.

He also has recreated our video materials to integrate and download faster and smoother for prospective patients visiting our web site. That upgrade also included a huge improvement in the audio. His work is always on-time and complete.

We really enjoy working with Cam. He has a winning personality and a wonderful sense of humor. A real professional!

Cam was involved with the Saginaw Spirit Hockey Club’s launch in the spring and summer of 2002. We were building the plane and flying it at the same time. It was critical that we have a strong community presence ahead of our September opening.

He recommended, and executed, a schedule of public appearances at festivals, fairs, community centers, and leveraged free media by orchestrating creative events like when we drove our Zamboni to get a paint job, and scheduling a news event around the first advertising signs we installed for the season. This effort made us seem like we were everywhere and gave the project a great launch.

Richard J. Garber, Garber Automotive Group

I’ve known Cameron throughout his career. I hired him right out of college and have had great satisfaction watching him climb to success as an award winning reporter, solid anchor, news administrator and later as a popular talk show host on my station, WSGW 790 AM. Between his two stints here, in news and later as a talk show host, Cameron spent time working news in major markets (Detroit, Houston). I consider myself privileged to have served as a mentor for this talented individual.

Once he left radio for a career in marketing and community relations with the Saginaw Spirit, Cameron continued to exhibit strong career growth and was quite effective in dealing with the media and community as a whole. Somehow he even found time to teach broadcast courses at Delta College. Even though he has been working in other careers for years now, some in my audience still say “We sure miss Cameron Knowles”.

Dave Maurer, WSGW AM & FM Radio

During my time with the Saginaw Spirit, Cam would meet with all the players before the season started. He would walk them through mock interviews, teach them what to expect from the media in the way of questions and how to handle a tough question without being defensive.

It was a unique service that helped the overall development of each individual and a valuable learning experience for players who were training to become NHL pro’s.

Bob Mancini, USA Hockey

During my time at Linda Craft & Team, REALTORS, I was extremely pleased with the results of (Cameron’s) efforts and have never had this much exposure from press releases.

Cameron’s attention to detail. initiative, professionalism and genuine concern for the progress of my company lead me to hire him for additional projects… like photo blogging, writing, research a new product development.

Katherin Burnette, Triangle Real Estate Group

…(V)endors of all stripes say that they want to partner with us, but very few really do. Your commitment is such that I sometime forget you are here in the capacity of a third party vendor, and not a full time employee of Nowell’s. The recent 180 degree tune in our marketing efforts several months back comes to mind.

Our needs changed rapidly and unexpectedly. I was hesitant to call you about making changes, and we have previously held closely to our plans as laid the previous fall. But the market shifted, and we had to respond. You had all the changes in place in less than a month – much sooner than I thought possible. It created a lot of extra work for you, but you never complained, and once the dust settled, we had successfully turned the advertising campaign in a completely different direction, with a stronger call to action.

As a result, we maintained strong sales during a retail slump that brought others in the local market to a standstill. Very impressive

Jerry Nowell, Nowell's Contemporary Furniture

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience for which to initially enter the sport industry through than with the Saginaw Spirit internship opportunity Cameron Knowles offered me after my freshman year of college.

My time with the team was extremely beneficial and educational for a number of reasons, but working for Cameron in particular made this learning experience one I’ll never forget and carry with me throughout my career. I was given the chance to work with the organization in a number of different facets, which ultimately allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of all the intricacies that go into running an elite sports franchise.

I felt like I was a step ahead of the curve because of the opportunities Cameron gave me to work in areas such as sales, marketing, advertising, public relations, community relations, hockey operations, and game day operations. I was able to learn many different angles of the business from a consummate and experienced professional like Cameron.

James Harasin

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