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Fighting Fires for Fun and Profit

Fighting Fires for Fun and Profit 2/14/2010 My dad was a police officer, but I’ve become a firefighter. You’re not going to find that skill on my business website,www.cameronknowles.com, but I’m thinking of adding [...]

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Family Ties Bind Businesses

Family Ties Bind Businesses 3/16/2010 This is an unpublished article I wrote from a recent overseas trip, detailing how a personal touch can make the difference in an evolving business relationship. The Christmas [...]

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A Wonderful Reunion

A Wonderful Reunion 3/24/2010 The following is a unpublished article about a wonderful reunion I had last summer. Enjoy! Living overseas is a remarkable experience. In my case, I learned a language, made life-long [...]

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Cutting the Cord

Cutting the Cord 4/18/2010 As I prepare to leave cable TV behind, I thought I'd take a walk down memory lane. I feel cable left me way before I left cable. There have been [...]

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Dunning – Doing the Deed

Dunning - Doing the Deed 6/2/2010 I have worked with clients who can't pay promptly to give them time, flexibility, even payment terms. I don't understand, however, the business practice of pushing off paying [...]

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