I was involved, peripherally, in an event last week that made me think about the meaning of ‘home’. Part of my business involves behind the scenes public relations work. One of the projects involved the crew Linda Craft & Team REALTORS® who supported an effort by one of their team members, David Toothaker, to help raise money for a struggling New England church. Why? Because, for a time, it was home for David. 

Living in the Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill area means, for many, ‘home’ started somewhere else. In my case, although I call Detroit home, I lived in mid-Michigan communities longer than my ‘home town’, and have grown roots in the Triangle for the foreseeable future. But ‘home’ has a special meaning, sometimes disconnected with place and time. I still wince whenever something terrible happens to the auto industry, although I haven’t lived in my ‘home town’ for more than 24 years.

For David, the call of home meant two weeks of work with his teammates, rounding up donation items, pitching a tent, and holding an old-fashioned yard sale to benefit his old ‘home town’. In the end, he and his team exceeded their expectations for the fundraiser and will help a 175 year old Maine church with some much needed repairs.

You can read more about the effort at this link. Maybe it will inspire you to help out your home, wherever you find it!