The past year has been an interesting experience for me as I transitioned from being fully employed, through unemployment and underemployment and now into self employement via my business, Cameron Knowles Creative Services. As you might imagine, I economized as best as possible including cutting out expenses when I could. Below are a list of casual expenses I abandoned and will try not to return to as my personal economic recovery continues.

Fast Food:

I did two tours of duty at the BK lounge (Burger King), as a teenager, and enjoyed their food an nearly all of their competitors on a daily basis. Running from place to place in my career, I always seemed to find time to grab a bag of something and shove it in my mouth. I have countless ruined shirts to show for the experience.

Over the past year, I rediscovered how much I like to cook, and now plan meals for the week, with basic building blocks that I can assemble and create quickly for lunch and dinner.

Gas Station Goodies:

I wasn’t filling up the tank as much, and when I did so, I just grabbed my gas and went. Now, when I wander through the aisles at the Gas Station, I shake my head at the goodies I gobbled and have left behind. BBQ Fritos… Adios! Twix with Peanut Butter – Ta Ta. Later, Lay’s. Bet I can’t eat just zero! Taquitos, Hot Dogs, fountain drinks, see ya!

Lottery Tickets:

I was the weekly, one dollar easy pick guy. Occasionally, I’d try another game. The education departments of the various states where I’ve worked will have to get along without my volunteer tax payment.

I am spending a bit more now, but also better off for realizing how much I could do without with some involuntary belt tightening.