I broke down my skill-set into two areas that I love: Storytelling and Organization. How did I express these in my new career? I applied storytelling in two areas; freelance journalism and advertising consulting.

As a former broadcast journalist and talk host, I enjoy finding out about stories and either telling those stories myself, or helping others tell their stories. I express this ‘skill’ through print, radio and video journalism, as well as in helping small to medium-sized businesses focus their marketing message into a consistent ‘story’.

As far as organization goes, I have applied these skills in my personal and professional life as well. Personally, I’ve combed through a smattering of collectibles I had assembled over the years and disposed of them via E-bay!

Professionally, I help individuals and organizations look at how they reach their prospective customers, organize their stories into a message, and express that through marketing and advertising vehicles.


My years in media and marketing have given me a pretty high opinion of myself. However, I don’t know everything (yet!). I’ve grown my business by reaching out to people with complimentary and sometimes conflicting skill sets, to help me in areas where I don’t, or don’t have time to develop, professional services.


Starting my own business was hard enough. Trying to build the business while being foggy-headed, exhausted, unfocused can lead to making poor choices. It certainly has for me. My key to advancing my business and the success of my partners is to take acceptable risks for reasonable rewards, and to know the quickest path out of a hole is to stop digging!

It’s been eleven months since I founded Cameron Knowles Creative Services, to put it euphemistically, in ‘response’ to the economic conditions in which I found myself. Here’s a quick rundown about what I’ve learned and tried to apply in my first year.