Freelance Journalism

Take advantage of my 20+ years of news gathering! I recently completed projects for radio, web and
magazines incorporating multi-media tie-ins via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
See some of the samples below.

Trabants in America

American Trabant owners gather in Washington DC, on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

German Saginaw Memories

From 1999-2002, I hosted five German Journalists in Saginaw, Michigan. Here are their memories of their stays. Read more in the August 20 edition of Review Magazine,

The Solar Marketplace

The Great Lakes Bay region hopes to become a center for the Solar Industry. Here’s an example of the marketplace that awaits.

Surfin’ MUC

MUC is the airport code for Munich, Bavaria. Here’s a piece about people who don’t let the fact that they’re no where near the ocean get in the way of a good time!

English Everywhere

They say American culture is everwhere. The same for the English language. Here are some expected a nd unexpected places I found English.

Cold War Commercialization

Checkpoint Charlie was the flashpoint where a nuclear war almost started… and now, you can get a nice coffee there…

Look for more!