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Documentary: American Trabants

A Documentary Film examining the elusive North American Trabant, an East
German auto which was NOT made for the American marketplace.

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The DVD American Trabants is now on sale for $10 + postage.

Specs: American Trabants DVD
37 Minutes
NTSC Video (16×9)

Please email to request your DVD copies, or to get more information.


‘Congratulations. Unusual cars in a crazy world, it is to smile and Trabant is the best amuse!’ ~ Arthur, Poland

‘Great video. When I see that, I feel me at home ;) a piece of Germany/GDR in USA.’ ~ Alex B., Leipzig

‘Having been a Lada/LeCar admirer since I was a kid, the Trabant seems to have that same feeling. Watching the film is great!’ ~ Kevin, North Carolina

‘Your work is just superb. Thanks for your initiative in documenting the significance the Trabant played in the context of the Cold War. As a 30-year Army veteran who served 8 years in W. Germany, my wife and I had to have a Trabi as our Cold War trophy. We won that war, but never got to have a victory parade, so every time we drive our car, we think of it in that context. We hope to see you at the Spy Museum at this years’ November rally.’ ~ George, Virginia

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